Relationship counselling

It is always an unsettling time when a relationship, of any sort, starts to have challenges that may feel overwhelming. This can be due to a break down in communication, an affair, a new baby, stepfamily or extended family issues, bereavement or any number of others. Coming for relationship counselling can be the first step towards a future that feels as if it has some focus and some constructive direction.

Relationship counselling should be regarded as a calm, confidential and safe place in which to talk about issues that have been troublesome but which have been difficult to fully express. Often couples talk about not being heard or listened to by the other. During counselling they are encouraged to discuss their issues in a non-confrontational manner so that the emotions that they want to express are fully heard and understood by their partner. Doing this with the help of an impartial, non-judgmental counsellor can be very helpful.

Individual counselling

People come to counselling on their own for several reasons. Sometimes a previous relationship is still having an effect on their lives or they have something on their minds where some impartial input and support could be helpful.

As part of relationship counselling, couples are offered the opportunity to have individual sessions from time to time. This gives them the space in which they can talk about what is going on for themselves and what they may want to bring to the couple sessions (as well as what they may need to leave behind). Being allowed the time and individual attention that these sessions offer, can often lead to some clarity about the best way forward.