What to expect

Your first appointment

This, and each subsequent relationship counselling session, will last an hour. This is your opportunity to tell me about what has brought you to counselling and to ask any questions you may have about the process. Some people feel a little anxious, especially if they have not experienced relationship counselling before, so this is your chance to talk about what you need from the sessions so that we can proceed in a way that most suits you.  It is important to me that I provide you with a safe space where you can discuss your concerns openly and honestly so that we can look for the most helpful way of working together.

Subsequent appointments

To begin with, you will usually have counselling appointments once a week but this will be reviewed each time that you come to ensure that you feel happy with the frequency. I will work at your pace and in whatever direction feels most appropriate to you. I will work in a flexible and client focussed way at all times.

I will not take sides, make judgements or tell you what to do – I will, however, help you to look at what is going on for you in a calm and rational manner so that you can come to some constructive and informed decisions about the best way forward.


The cost of each one hour session is £55 (cash, cheque or bank transfer).